Managing a beloved pet's chronic or terminal disease can be stressful.  Our science blog is dedicated to helping pet owners and veterinarians understand this stress, and finding ways to reduce it, so that people can make the most of their time with their pet.



We love our four-legged family members because they bring so much to our lives:  love and affection, constant companionship, they even improve our health.

But what happens when our pets become sick?


Pets can live happy lives for months or even years after the diagnosis of a chronic or terminal disease. But no matter how much we love our pets, providing care when they are sick can take a toll on the owner— “pet caregiver burden.” is dedicated to the science of caregiver burden in the pet owner, and the understanding of how the owner's experience impacts others, including the veterinarian and the pet.


With backgrounds in clinical psychology and veterinary medicine, our team's research aims to help people decrease the stress and make the most of the time remaining with their pet.


Popular media has picked up on the topic of pet caregiver burden, and often gives tips for decreasing stress. But what are those suggestions based on?

December 27, 2018

There are some similarities between human and pet caregiving experiences—we all experience feelings of guilt, are worried about our loved ones, and financial strain is common. But there are probably too many differences to simply take recommendations from what we know...

December 21, 2018

To understand burden transfer, we first need to start with the concept of caregiver burden. Caregiver burden is the strain felt by someone taking care of a loved one with an illness. Facing the problems and challenges of daily life that spring up while providing care f...

Caregiving is a labor of love. Regardless of whether you provide care for a relative or a pet, it is possible to give until it hurts. Our past work showed just how true that is when we found that pet owners providing care for a dog or cat with a serious illness experie...




If you live with a dog, you’ve heard these sounds. If you live with a dog with skin disease, you’ve had days and nights when you thought they would never stop.

Owning a pet with skin di...

Managing a beloved pet’s chronic or terminal illness can take a lot out of us. Pet owners caring for a sick cat or dog often experience caregiver burden -- strain due to providing care for a loved one who is ill -- in a way that is similar to taking care of a human fam...

Even when the gift is willingly given, providing care for a sick loved one can cause strain in multiple ways--mental, physical, social, and financial, to name a few. Caregiver burden is a term used to describe the stress a person experiences while providing care for a...

I love my pet. Why am I so stressed out?”  If you’ve made a decision to provide care for your cat with renal failure, or manage your dog’s diabetes—you’ve made a choice that not every pet owner makes. You have chosen caregiving over euthanasia.

A common reaction from p...

The phone rang--it was my mother. “Harry passed away.” Harry was a family friend, familiar from my early childhood, part of a core group within my parents’ circle. In later years, Harry was almost like an uncle, often present at the dinner table on major holidays. He w...

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December 21, 2018

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Meet the team members at the heart of this research and blog. We come together from our backgrounds in clinical psychology and veterinary medicine to create an empirically-based resource for pet owners facing the challenges of providing care for a sick pet, and to help veterinarians better understand the experience of their clients. 


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